About Us

Over 60 years trading

Clark Electrical was formed in 1952 and has changed and adapted throughout the years to match our varied customer needs. Although none of the existing Clarks are actually part of the Company, it is still a very family orientated business.

We believe in the personal growth of our employees and help them to better themselves wherever possible. We have helped stores people retrain to be electricians, had P.A. testers go on to become Surveyors and still take on Apprentices.

We have even had an Engineer go on to become the Managing Director. With this type of commitment to our staff development, we find it more than paid back in commitment to our customers.Clark Electrical offers excellent value for money with a highly professional and qualified service backed up by an exceptional office team.

Our Environment

Clark Electrical are committed to environmental issues and strive to keep our carbon footprint low. Hybrid vehicles and recycling are just part of our agenda and future.

Giving Back

We at Clarks believe in giving back to help others. Each month a member of staff is selected at random to donate £50 to a charity of their choice. Other fund raising activities that we have been involved in are, The London to Brighton Cycle Ride (yearly), A trek to the base camp of Everest and members of staff also run various distances for charities on a regular basis.

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Telephone: 020 7474 7404

Email: enquiries@ceiltd.co.uk